Apple: 17,000 Irish jobs linked to creation of iPhone and iPad apps here

Ireland is the 19th largest ‘iOS app economy’ in Europe

iPhone and iPad
iPhone and iPad

Apple says that there are now 17,000 jobs directly related to the creation of iPhone and iPad apps in Ireland.

The company figures suggest that Ireland punches above its weight within Europe when it comes to creating apps.

Ireland is the 19th largest ‘iOS app economy’ in Europe but is the 12th largest based on “app intensity”, which Apple defines as the number of app economy jobs as a percentage of all jobs.

Prominent local performers include Dublin-based iOS apps ‘Complete Anatomy’ and Hostelworld, which was download 2.2m times last year.

The Irish figures represent just over 1pc of overall iOS app-related jobs in Europe, with Apple counting 1.57m jobs in the European “app economy”, 28pc more than two years ago.

These roles include “core” app development roles, as well as a smaller number of indirect and “spillover” jobs, such as marketing roles dependent on the app’s creation or sale.

Overall, Europe-based developers have earned over €20bn in App Store sales worldwide, according to the company.

In Europe, the UK is Apple’s biggest app economy, followed by Germany and France.

92% of earnings by European developers are generated from sales abroad, according to the company.

The news comes as the maker of Fortnite said that its introduction to iOS has expanded the game out to 125m players this month. Epic Games did not break down how many of those players are using iPhones or iPads to play the world’s most popular video game, but said that the extra reach is now good enough to offer up to $100m in prizes in an upcoming ‘Fortnite World Cup’.

Apple’s iOS 12, announced last week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, introduces a number of features to iPhones and iPads, including more speed and power for developers. New privacy controls have also been introduced, including parental ability to restrict ‘screen time’ for children.

Meanwhile in Ireland, Apple has confirmed that it spent over €550 million with Irish companies in the last two years which, it estimates, has helped to sustain 25,000 local jobs.

It has 386 Irish suppliers here, including the Cabra-based printing firm Colorman, which prints Apple’s product documentation.

The company’s workforce has doubled to 6,000 people in the last five years, based primarily in Cork’s Hollyhill campus where it has invested €220m in the last six years.

The Hollyhill facility hosts Apple’s only wholly owned manufacturing facility in the world, building customised iMacs for the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

Apple is Cork’s largest private employer.

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